Who We Are

The Organization for Research and Learning (O.R.L.) grew out of the innovative work of Michael Fabrizio and Alison Moors who were the first professionals to apply Precision Teaching to children with autism.  The two person team of Fabrizio/Moors quickly expanded as Sara Pahl, Amy King and Kelly Ferris joined the staff.

In 2007, Kelly Ferris and Michael Fabrizio sought to continue and expand the science of employing Fluency Based Instruction with children and teens with autism. Named after Ogden R. Lindsey, the grandfather of Precision Teaching, they incorporated in O.R.L. 2007.   We proudly maintained the extraordinary staff who had come to define our reputation: Elizabeth (Liz) Lefebre, Kristin Wilkinson-Smith, Rebecca Phillips, and Holly Almon.  Over the years, we have continued to attract professionals looking to become experts in designing instruction for children with autism and delivering comprehensive services in a family-friendly manner.

Since the first year of serving four children, O.R.L. presently services 65 clients and their families between our local practice and outreach services.  Over the years O.R.L. has touched the lives of over one hundred children from across the nation, including: Toronto, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Illinois, and Vancouver, B.C..

Throughout our growth and expansion process, we have 
maintained high levels of quality in the services we provide. We continue 
to contribute to the autism and behavior analysis communities both in the Puget Sound area and across the United States and other countries.