Frequently Asked Questions About O.R.L.'s Applied Behavior Analysis Services

General Questions about Organization for Research and Learning

Does O.R.L. do Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?
Is O.R.L. licensed in Washington State?
What types of clients does O.R.L. work with?
Does O.R.L. work with clients with behavioral problems?
What developmental areas does O.R.L. work with?
How many clients does O.R.L. currently work with?

Frequently Asked Questions about the Logistics of In­-Home and Community-Based Programming with Organization for Research and Learning (O.R.L.)

Who are the staff people who will work with my child's program?
What is the Clinical Services Supervisor's role?
What is the Consultant's role?
What is the Program Manager's role?
What is the Therapy Assistants' role?
Who hires the staff who work in clients' programs?
Do I have to do any work to find therapy assistants?
Who decides which of ORL's staff members will be assigned to my child's team?
How often are the Consultant and Program Manager with each client and each client's Therapy Assistants?
When do the Consultant and the Program Manager meet with each client and that client's Therapy Assistants?
How long does Phase 1 of intervention last?
How long does Phase 2 of intervention last?
How long does Phase 3 of intervention last?

Questions about Organization for Research and Learning (ORL)’s Intake Procedures

How often does O.R.L. accept new clients?
Who handles the intake for O.R.L.?
How do I proceed with the intake process for O.R.L.?
After I submit and intake request what happens?
What happens at the intake meeting?
What factors influence whether O.R.L. will accept someone as a client?
Does O.R.L. maintain a waiting list?
If O.R.L. does not accept my child as a client, what recommendations do you have for how I should proceed?

Questions about the Cost of Programming with Organization for Research and Learning (ORL)

How does O.R.L. bill for their services?
What is the hourly rate?
How often does O.R.L. send bills?
Does O.R.L. bill insurance companies?
Is O.R.L. approved to provide services under Microsoft's and Amazon's ABA/Autism benefit?