Behavior Support and Management Services

tantrums can be resolved with behavior support services

O.R.L.’s Behavior Support and Management services help clients with disabilities and behavioral problems improve their self-advocacy and resilience so that they do not need to resort to misbehavior to get their needs met.  We accomplish this by completing a thorough assessment that helps us understand why the client is misbehaving and then develop a detailed and highly individualized plan for how to teach the client to express their wants and needs more appropriately (self-advocacy), and how to tolerate when “life gets a bit bumpy” (resilience).

As we begin down the path of providing behavior management treatment to our clients, we typically have our professional staff working on one step in the treatment plan, while we coach the client’s family members to implement the previous (earlier) step in treatment.  This helps ensue that the progress our clients make generalizes to the most important people and places in their lives.

O.R.L. is a contracted Behavior Management provider with Washington State’s Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).

At this time O.R.L. IS NOT accepting intake requests for the greater Seattle Area. To place your child on our waitlist for behavior management services, please click here.

O.R.L. IS accepting new client applications for our South Whidbey Island location.  To apply for behavior management services on South Whidbey please click here.