O.R.L.'s Mission

AT O.R.L. our mission is to provide very high quality services to the clients we serve, to contribute to the larger behavior analytic community through our activities as scientist-practitioners, and to act as advocates for the autism community. O.R.L. meets its mission of ensuring that we provide high quality ABA services by:

  • maintaining small caseloads so that our professional staff can really focus on the needs of each and every client they serve
  • ensuring that we hire only the most qualified professional and para-professional staff members
  • providing each of our clients with the supervision of three different behavior analysts
  • analyzing our clients’ rates of progress frequently to ensure that they are all developing as quickly as they can
  • arranging for very frequent on-going professional development for all of our staff

O.R.L. meets its mission of contributing to the larger behavior analytic community as scientist-practitioners by:

  • presenting our clinical work to our larger community of colleagues at local, national, and international professionalconferences
  • publishing in the peer-reviewed behavior analytic professional literature
  • mentoring behavior analysts as they move into the profession
  • teaching behavior analytic coursework at the graduate level

O.R.L. meets its mission of acting as advocates for the autism community by:

  • speaking at parent conferences to help family members understand what quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services should look like
  • testifying before legislators and other governmental officials about improving the access to and quality of ABA services for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Donating to autism-related non-profit organizations that advocate for autism treatment firmly rooted in science