O.R.L.'s Administrative and Support Staff

Not pictured: Kelly Karren

ORL provides its clients with effective, science-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services.  To deliver such services we rely not only on the expertise of our clinical professional staff members, but also on the invaluable skills of a host of administrative, financial, and legal support staff.  Without these passionate and dedicated members of our team, our work would be much more challenging. Having such a robust infrastructure of support staff helps ensure that we can focus on supporting our clients with autism and their families with everything from helping our clients with autism live the fullest lives possible to helping to ensure that our clients’ families get the financial and other support needed to provide their loved ones with autism the intervention they require.  Our administrative support staff help us and our clients with everything from working out complex scheduling to handling insurance billing questions and challenges.

Kelly Karren, Business Manager

Bio: Kelly joined ORL as our Business Manager in 2014.  He is responsible for managing our administration team, which includes responsibility for invoicing services, managing our operations and facilities, and working as a liaison between ORL and various funders such as insurance companies and state agencies.  Prior to working for ORL, Kelly was previously employed by CenturyLink for 34 years where he managed federal government accounts.





Catherine Musielak, Operations Administrator

Bio: Catherine joined ORL as our Operations Administrator in October 2019 after a long and successful career working in the field fo commercial real estate.  Following her time in real estate, Catherine sought a position in an organization that she felt was doing good in the world.  At ORL, Catherine handles all aspects of our medical billing processes.






Claire Roberts, Therapy Assistant Coordinator

Bio: Claire began her career working with children with Autism in 2011, when she joined the Organization for Research and Learning (ORL). She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University-Sacramento in 2009. Through the years at ORL, she has worked with toddlers to teens as well as a wide range of skill levels. Being a mother and the aunt of 12 nieces and nephews, her desire to help children came naturally.  She is passionate about being part of an organization that thrives to enrich the lives of the children it is involved with. Outside of work, she enjoys spending her time with family, friends, and enjoys photography and dancing.



Paul KruglikPaul Kruglik, Fractional CFO

Bio: Beyond his regular administrative work as a Managing Partner for Tatum’s Northwest Practice, Paul also serves as ORL’s fractional Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  In his role as ORL’s CFO, Paul helps support the high quality clinical ABA work that ORL provides its clients with autism and their families by helping ensure that ORL operates in financially and fiscally responsible ways.  As a father of two young children, Paul feels especially passionate about ORL’s work to support children with autism and their families.




Nicole LiNicole Li, General Counsel

Bio: Nicole graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She also holds a Master of Bioethics from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, with a focus on medical research ethics and health policy. She worked as a Legal Advisor to New Zealand’s Health and Disability Commissioner before returning to her hometown of Seattle to begin her private legal practice.

Nicole is a member of the Washington State Bar Association and the King County Bar Association. She holds the position of Vice President of the International Community Health Services Foundation Board of Directors. She also serves on a biomedical Institutional Review Board at the University of Washington.

Nicole has published in several arenas, including the King County Medical Society Bulletin and the New Zealand Journal of Bioethical Inquiry.

Nicole also holds a Master of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Washington and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Brown University, where she graduated with honors.