ABA philosophy

Our philosophy about the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services we deliver is rooted firmly in the principles of behavior analysis and states that at O.R.L. we believe the following: ­

All children can learn

Regardless of what diagnosis a child has or how affected by their disability they may be, our philosophy states that all children are capable of learning and progressing toward a more normalized, self-determined future.

Children have the right not only to effective intervention but also to efficient intervention

The ABA services that a child receives should not only help ensure that they make meaningful progress, but also that they make that progress as rapidly as possible while still ensuring their happiness through the process­.

Children have the right to intervention that is based on science and that has been shown to be effective through scientific study

Wherever possible, children should receive intervention services that have been thoroughly researched and proven to be effective.

Families have the right to receive services individually tailored to the unique needs of their children and their family as a whole

No two families are exactly alike and because of this reasons, families should expect that the ABA services their child receives are tailored so that they fit comfortably within the lives of all members of the family.

Clinical practice should inform applied research and applied research should inform clinical practice

The exchange between ABA research and practice should be rich and continuous so that clinical practice constantly evolves and improves.