Who We Are

Who We Are.

ORL is the second oldest ABA company in the Seattle area.  Originating as two sole proprietorships about 20 years ago, ORL formed in 2007 as a corporation.  Over the years, we have continued to attract professionals looking to become experts in designing intervention for children with autism and delivering comprehensive services in a family-friendly manner.

ORL currently services about 35 clients and their families between our local practice and outreach services.  Over the years ORL has touched the lives of hundreds of children from across the nation, including: Toronto, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Illinois, and Vancouver, B.C..

Throughout our lifespan, we have continued to maintain the extremely high levels of quality in the ABA services we’ve come to be known for. We continue to contribute to the autism and behavior analysis communities both in the Puget Sound area and across the United States and other countries.


What We Believe.

At ORL we value and strive to practice cultural humility. We highly value an inclusive work community that brings diverse ideas and experiences together centered around the shared values of:

  • Excellence: Which, for us, means doing things really well, in the service of doing what’s best for people, through ridiculously good, fast, and functional problem solving
  • Connectedness, Relationships, & People: Which, for us, means building personal relationships, developing trust, really knowing the people around us, and doing the working with them to do the work of the organization collaboratively
  • Communication: Which, for us, shows up as being in complete communication and saying what needs to be said in the service of vision and mission, and welcoming that communication.
  • Diversity: Which means that we include and welcome anyone who shares our company values, and we actively seek out those people
  • Making a Difference: Which for us means doing good and relying on science where we can, in that order.