Behavior Consulting Services

As behavior analysts who specialize in instruction and instructional design, we provide behavior analysis consulting services to children with autism and related disabilities in three ways:

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services Behavior Management Additional Services


Since 1996,  we’ve seen much change when it comes to ABA and behavior management for children with autism. ORL’s longevity means that we have a deep and rich understanding of what it means to deliver high quality ABA services in the Puget Sound area.


Unlike other ABA providers, each of ORL’s professional staff members have, on average, more than ten years’ experience before they are placed in charge of a client’s case.  This means that ORL does not allow staff members to earn a master’s degree on Friday and then start supervising clients’ programs the following Monday.  We believe that our professional staff must have appropriate graduate training, but that this training must be followed by several years of practical apprenticeship to ensure that they design, deliver, and supervise ABA programs to the very high standards that ORL sets.

In addition, ORL is the only ABA provider that routinely assigns multiple professional staff members to each client’s case to ensure that more than one set of eyes is keeping track of how quickly and happily each of our clients is developing.

In addition to the clinical support we provide our clients and their families though the direct work we do as well as the sensitive parent coaching we provide, ORL also has a whole team of administrative professionals who take the burden of navigating payment from insurance companies and other funders off of your shoulders.  Unlike other ABA providers who may require you to pay your bill yourself and then turn around and try to get reimbursed from your insurance company, ORL takes on that burden for you.  We bill your insurance company directly and work with them to maximize the amount of coverage your child receives.  You never get a bill from us until we are very sure that your insurance company has paid all that they should have paid.

Also, if your insurance company tries to deny ABA services or only approve a few hours per month, ORL takes on the full responsibility of appealing that decision, and will fight for every hour of service that your child requires and that is medically necessary.

In addition to being around since 1996, as a company ORL is robust both in terms of the quality and number of staff members we employ, and also in terms of the soundness of our business.  With dedicated, skilled, and highly respected consulting professionals from disciplines as diverse as law, finance, and regulatory compliance, you can be sure that ORL will be here to meet the needs of your family, both now and in the future.

Beyond the extensive professional training that out staff complete–including certification by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board–ORL itself is also fully licensed to provide ABA services in Washington State as a Licensed Behavioral Health Agency.  For you, this means that you can rest assured that ORL has been thoroughly vetted and approved by the State of Washington and found to be fully qualified to provide ABA services.  Because ORL is a Licensed Behavioral Health Agency, all of our employees are fully licensed by the Department of Health to provide ABA services.  Individual practitioners (such as BCBA’s who are also Certified Counselors) have not been vetted as thoroughly by the State.

In addition to the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you ware working with appropriately licensed healthcare providers, many insurance companies will not pay for services–including ABA services–delivered by unlicensed providers.  The best way to maximize insurance coverage for your child’s ABA is to ensure that everyone providing the service is fully licensed, including your child’s Therapy Assistants