Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services

In a comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program for children with autism, the goal is to shift a client’s overall developmental trajectory putting them on a new path to living a fuller and more engaging life.  Decades of research shows that when children with Autism receive well-designed and intensive ABA therapy early enough and at the appropriate intensity, approximateABA Therapy helps children learnly 40% of them will no longer qualify for an Autism diagnosis.  Comprehensive ABA Programs are intensive, usually providing 25-40 hours per week of direct intervention.  Intervention targets common core deficits in language, social behavior, play & leisure skills, and adaptive or self-help behavior.

ORL designs the comprehensive ABA programs it supervises with the goal of helping ORL’s clients achieve robust gains.  Therefore, we evaluate our program effectiveness on three tiers:

  1. Daily evidence of the child’s progress
  2. Week-to-week or month-to-month checks for skill acquisition and use in real life situations
  3. Annual comprehensive re-evaluation across all relevant domains (such as language, social and adaptive behavior).

ABA Therapists work with children

Children achieving the best outcomes requires that the ABA providers working with them are highly specialized experts.  First, ORL assigns a team of professionals tasked with designing individualized treatment  for each client.  Those professionals include a Clinical Services Supervisor, a Consultant, and a Program Manager.  With three sets of expert eyes assigned to each case, the client and their family can be sure that ORL pays close and careful attention to every detail of the ABA program.  This unique supervisory structure keeps our professional staff members’ case loads small and helps ensure that they deliver very high quality services to each of their clients.

When we consider whether to admit a new client, we look first and foremost at the the needs of that particular client.  Looking across our capable professional staff, we select the staff members with the greatest expertise given the particular needs of a client who is applying for admission.  ORL doesn’t admit clients based solely on how long they’ve been on our waitlist.  Instead, we only accept a client when we’re sure that we have the very best behavior analysts available to meet their needs.

Designing comprehensive programming for children and teens with autism demands knowledge of a vast array of topics.  To help ensure our clients receive the very best care possible, we coordinate our care with other professionals with specialized training. We have built many strong relationships with Speech Language Pathologists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, and teachers.  Care coordination with these related fields adds great value to our clients’ programs.

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